Tuesday, 4 November 2014
'Pattaya Glory'  faces arrest -  Boonrod Baikrathok 'ransacked' premises of previous employer.

Boonrod 'Nang' Baikrathok Police have been told a partner in Pattaya Glory Real Estate, a property manager and real estate ...

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London Evening Standard Correspondent Andrew Drummond faces prospect of second criminal conviction by Thailand's Supreme Court.

Pattaya, 4th November 2014 London Evening Standard Correspondent Andrew Drummond - convicted in Thailand's Supeeme Court. Followin...

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Gun toting Jomtien real estate agent Andrew 'Andy' Mathews released on bail - denies allegations of violent past.

Gun toting Andy Mathews - denies violent past and gun play. A UK expat from Wolverhampton was released on bail yesterday from Pattaya P...

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Sunday, 2 November 2014
Beauty Clinic charged with fraud -  expat co-owner Michael Goulet charged with posing as a 'medical doctor'.

Pattaya, 2nd November 2014 Following an earlier article exposing  a Jomtien Beauty Clinic owner who has been indicted for fraud , thi...

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Supreme Court of Thailand convicts British journalist Andrew Drummond

Pattaya, 2nd November 2014 Andrew Drummond - convicted by Supreme Court of Thailand The Supreme Court of Thailand has this week  conv...

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Company Director Boonrod Baikrathok to be charged with theft and fraud.

Pattaya, 2nd November 2014 Boonrod 'Nang' Baikrathok A Thai national, Boonrod 'Nang' Baikrathok is to be formally ...

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